Smartware, windows 7 & MyBook Essential questions

The Backup screen indicates category agreement between my pc and the external drive, but shows there are a few thousand more files and several gigs more backed up than are on my pc.

The Home screen categories do not agree in all cases indicating more files and data backed up than intended or desired.

When I go into the Retrieve mode, the “image” has what i need plus…old/obsolete… files.

Why hasn’t smartware and the drive caught up with what should be there? If it does not, can I go into the drive via “computer/etc” and force the issue via the wonderware folders that get periodically updated?

How should it know what you INTENTIONALLY deleted (thus old / obsolete) versus what you ACCIDENTALLY deleted?   :wink:

Your reply is more confusing than Smartware.  Should not the system follow through on any add or delete regardless of my intentions?

help me
why after I installed smartware on my computer  I can not use my mobile modems?

mobile modems can I use it again after I disable smartware and then restart my computer again
my mobile modems is Huawei E176 web’n’walk stick IV

help me to solve this problem…


This must be an USB device (drive letter) conflict. Check whether you have onboard data storage on your modem. Some have a micro SD socket and you can insert a micro SD card to modem. If this is the case try this. You may have an empty socket but still worth of trying.

Without the modem connected, Press Win Key + R key. Then type diskmgmt.msc on RUN dialogue box. In the disk management, look for your My Book on the right side pan. Right click on disk drive bar and choose “Change Drive Letter & Paths”. On the pull down list choose letter W as your new drive letter for your My Book. Once done, try connecting USB modem and using both at the same time.


thanks for your answer but my internet connection still can’t work,

in my opinion, this is not caused by USB device (drive letter) conflict. to clarify, you can see picture below


actually, I still can use my internet connection if I don’t enable the "  WD Drive Manager status" which there are on the taskbar icon. you can see in the image below


but if l restart then l enable “WD Drive Manager status” ( l using “tune up utilities” for disable/enable)

eneble status.jpg

I can’t using my internet connection,see picture below

can't work.jpg

anyone, help me to solve this problem…

I’m sorry if  my language is not good because I live in a country that doesn’t use English language as the language of everyday

If you don’t mind, can you post a screen capture of your device manager? Also if you see  “!” mark or other device warning, please expand that branch for better view, before capture the screen.


this is screen capture of my device manager ( this screen l take as both my WD and my modem is works together)

device manager.PNG

and l don’t see  “!” mark or other device warning in my device manager.

Additional information:

Actually my modem work if I disable both “WDSmartWare” and "  "  WD Drive Manager status". in my posting on the top my modem work as I disable  both “WDSmartWare” and "  WD Drive Manager status" then I connection my internet then I launch “WDSmartWare”. in this condition my modem still works. But if I close and open again my connection (“WDSmartWare” and my modem still connect) I can’t connect to internet. I can connect again if I disable  “WDSmartWare” then I restart my computer.

Sorry for the delay on reply as I couldn’t access this site for last two days. Your device manager seem all in order. One question. Did you capture this when  WD Drive Manager Status is still enabled? If it is yes, I don’t have a clue at this point. I’ll think it over and get back to you.

Honestly I don’t use Smartware any more as it doesn’t give me any valuable service over generic Win7 capabilities.

To solve your problem, go to here, dude.