Smartware V2.20 can't recognize the file in one of my disc

I usually stored my work files, most of which are doc, pdf files, in Disc C on my computer running WIn 7 Pro X64. However, after I upgraded the Smartware to V2.20, the Smartware was unable to categorize any file in this Disc, it just showed all the files in Disc are system file. I tried to switch to file backup, it still did not allow me to select any files in this disc. But it works normally for other discs, the files in which can be categoried automatically.

In the lower version of Smarware, this never happened. Does anything can help me with this?


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?

Yes, I did uninstall and reinstall again. The thing is it worked fine initially with the original version of Smartware. But once I upgrated it to the latest version, the problem happened.