Smartware 'Retrieval Interrupted' Error when Retrieving large amount of data from MyCloud

Running Windows 7 on Desktop.  Gigabet ethernet adaptor connected to My Cloud through router.  

When I do a large retrieval (say 20 GB or larger) I invariably run into this issue: error is shown below.  Frustrating because I am trying to retrieve >100GB and it never gets past say 15-20 GB.

My PC then can no longer access the drive (whether in SmartWare or in Windows Explorer).  I have to go to the Dashboard and reset the My Cloud, after which I can connect again.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a solution to this?

Is it a firmware problem (I am on the latest (…623))?  Should I roll back (if so how?)?

This is a brand new Dell PC with a freshly installed SmartWare.


Retrieval Interrupted.jpg

I noticed that the drive is getting disconnected. 

Have you tried setting up an static IP on the drive?

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I changed from DHCP to Static IP yesterday… with promising results!

I did a 130 GB transfer using SmartWare, and for the first time, it went all the way through without being interrupted.

Will be keeping tabs on it to see if it is really fixed.

But logically it does make sense, perhaps this is helping it to recover from momentary disconnects without changing the IP address…