Smartware recognizing MyBook Formatted NTFS as FAT 32 Format

My 3TB MyBook has been formatted with NTFS and operating fine for years with WD Smartware backup. Suddenly the Smartware quit working with the drive. I can add delete files manually but not automatically using Smartware.

I uninstalled and installed the latest version of Smartware and it recognized the drive as NTFS but would not let me backup software, the backup feature is grayed out. Shutting down and restarting Smartware resulted in it recognizing it as a FAT32 drive and said it could not backup large files.

I’m at a loss as to why things stopped working and why Smartware is no longer seeing the drive correctly formatted in NTFS.

I submitted a help ticket to WD but no response for a week now.

Hi terrymrowley,

Please check your private message.


I try to login to my account it tells me invalid username or password. I do a password reset and it gives me this error when I enter a new password:

INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER: owner or user is inactive. Org Id:00DU0000000Jpn7

I try to register and it tells me the email address already exists and to do a password reset.