Smartware questions

Hi all,

Does the the smartware backup software always encrypt your data? Can you prevent this?

for example after, say, the first major backup can i browse the external hard drive and see all my files and folder structure as on my PC? Can i open them or are they all encrypted?


WD SmartWare does not encrypt files.

Yes, you can manually navigate the backup folder within your hard drive and copy your files as needed. Just try not to delete or modify any file from the backup folder. Otherwise WD SmartWare will discard the old backup and start over.

@Trancer Wouldn’t that depend on what choice the person has made in settings for copies to keep? See example image below.


What I meant with “star over” was WD SmartWare starting the entire backup from scratch as opposed to updating individual files. If the SWSTOR folder is manipuladed WD could treat the backup as “Additional Files” except from the backup while a new one is created.

This is what I was referring to.


ok. thanks both of you.
I do not intend to change anything on the back up. I was mostly interested in knowing that if i was to move the passport to another machine whether i could copy a file from it or whether it would be encrypted or if the file structure would be encrypted. I like having the files backed up and left in their original form. i do not care about security since the drive will not be leaving the house.

thanks again