SmartWare Pro - Preview image for auto-secured photos


I back up my photos with WD SmartWare Pro on the Folder called “SmartWare” which is already given on my WD MyCloud 4TB. So, when I’m outside and want to open a particular photo with my iPhone APP My Cloud, I need to open all the photos, look at in order to find the right photo because there is no preview and/or thumbnail.

If I put my photo on the cloud manually in a self-created folder (not in the already existing “SmartWare”-Folder) my Cloud will make a preview image and also a thumbnail.

If SmartWare Pro automatically backs up into a self-created folder (not “SmartWare”-Folder), the thumbnails are not displayed there too.

Is there any way to get a preview when SmartWare will save it?

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Hello there, 

I would like to know if when you try to access those folders manually from the computer you can see the thumbnails. Perhaps this could be since the folder is only accessed from the software. I know this is a strange workaround but lets hope this can help you out.