SmartWare Pro – How to Backup More Than One Computer to MyBook USB

I recently replaced an old WD MyBook Live (network attached) with a WD MyBook USB which is attached to my computer. I had previously been using SmartWare (non-Pro version) to back up my computer and two others to the MyBook Live drive. The new drive came with SmartWare Pro and three licenses.

So far I have not been able to figure out how to back up the other two computers to the MyBook USB. I have tried sharing the USB drive and on the other computers “mapping a drive” to it but SmartWare Pro does not recognize the mapped drive as a backup target. I have tried mapping a drive from my computer to the others but SmartWare Pro on my computer only shows my C: drive as a backup source.

Is there a way to use SmartWare Pro to back up these other computers to the MyBook USB?


If you are using a USB drive such as the My Book then you must have the drive plugged into the computer that you want to backup.

WD Smartware will not recognize a USB drive if you have it shared on the network.

If you want to backup all 3 computer to the same drive without having to attach the drive to each computer when you are going to do the backup then i recommend using a Network drive such as the My Book Live or the WD My Cloud.

Thanks for the quicky reply. If I had know that SmartWare was so restrictive I would have bought something else.