Smartware Pro doesn't backup remotely

Hi there, i’m outside of my home where I have my MyCloud 2T turn it on…I can acess it from web, from WD MyCloud and explore all the pastes and files with no problem…but when I am in WD Smartware the only account that shows in the Backup destiny is the dropbox, (when I am at home it shows both dropbox and MyCloud 2T driver) the backup tab and the recovery tab are turned off (when I am at home it shows both tabs are on and I can backup the files with no problems).

There’s something that I am doing wrong? Or the WD Smartware software doesn’t make backups when we aren’t connected to the same wirless has the MyCloud drive is? I do have Smartware Pro.


At this moment, WD SmartWare Pro can only interact with local disk drives. Dropbox upload support behaves differently with different communication and storage protocols.

That’s to bad, since dropbox, skydrive, etc. allow an automatic backup and have a personal cloud that does not have it, is a downside … is there any software that you can use with MyCloud to do it?, instead being draging the files to WD My Cloud software?


There are several different applications available in the web designed to expand upon default features and functions. However, Western Digital is currently unable to support and/or recommend 3rd party applications and solutions.

WD should make their software more productive, I allways prefer original software from the manufactore, but in this case i’ll have to use 3rd party software like Allway Sync or Goodsync to backup remotly. When WD software have remotly backup, then I’ll try it again.