SmartWare Pro 2.4.16 Doesn't Show EX2100 Windows 10

Having done multiple backups using SmartWare on my new Windows 10 laptop, this morning the EX2100 doesn’t even show up as an option. I can access it with Explorer and Dashboard, but the only thing showing up in SmartWare is DropBox. Also, Quick View no longer shows the status of the drive, just the options of About, SmartWare, and Exit.

Is this a Windows 10 issue that WD has not interest in fixing or is Windows update stepping all over WD?

It seems that from week to week the ability to use these tools changes.

FYI, I can make it work by uninstalling and reinstalling, but that only works for up to a week.

Hello there,

Have you tried setting up a static ip on the unit? Check the following link to see if this helps you out:

The EX2100 has had a static IP address since I got it. Set that on my router first thing. Never had this issue until I got a new laptop with Windows 10.