Smartware not that smart!

I discovered this piece of backup software is pretty useless.  It would not allow you to select the folders and files you want to backup.  The defaults are pretty basic.  Hope WD can upgrade this to something worthwhile otherwise might as well remove it or make it optional. 

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I’d love to see more options as well, but it’s designed to be basic easy to use backup software. If they add too many options it will be confusing for people who’ve never used backup software before. If my great-grandma can’t figure it out in 10 min., than it’s too complex for what I think WD is trying to accomplish here. An advanced mode might be a good compromise though.

It is not even doing the basic very well.  If you had other document folders besides the My Document, it doesn’t  detect those additional ones.  I’ve already uninstalled it and downloaded a free backup software instead which was much more useful.