Smartware not detecting MyBook Duo

Last fall, I was having an issue with my new Win7 system with SW not being able to detect the MyBook Duo.  I received personal help from WD, and after a remote session, where I thought I had everything recorded, my system flawlessly connected to my MyBook and continuous backups have occurred.  Even upgraded to 2.3.0 with no issues.

Fast forward to this past week. I finally upgraded my wife’s PC from XP to Win7.  Previously, it wasn’t working well with SW, only occaisionally connecting, so I instituted a 4-times per day scheduled XCopy batch file backup to the MyBook. Yep, the MyBook shows up fine as a network device, just WD Quick View and Smartware don’t see it. 

I figured after updating to Win 7, her PC should be fine. I set up Home Network settings, made sure SSDP Discovery and UPnP were set to automatically start, etc. All PCs and MyBook are on same Homegroup. On first install, Smartware 2.3.0 worked perfectly!  The next day, it didn’t connect.  I rebooted the MyBook, everything was fine except on her PC, I had to open SW, disable backup, then enable backup for everything to start.

Next day, her PC didn’t see it again. Uninstalled all WD software, reinstalled.  Everything was fine. The following day, all worked perfectly!  Success, I thought.

Next day – her PC didn’t see it. Tried the uninstall again.  Worked the following day (yesterday), and now, today, once again, her PC doesn’t see the MyBook as backup device.

My PC continues to connect flawlessly every day when the PC is booted. I am lost.  I would prefer not to give up on SW, but at the same time, am tempted to just return to XCopy for her PC.

Can someone knowledgable post the network settings which need to be set for this to work everytime?

Have you tried to setup a static IP for the Live Duo? Also try to disable any firewalls that might be active.

Yep - it is a static IP address. I’ll double check the firewall settings on the two PCs, make sure they are the same.

A new wrinkle – both days this weekend, about 4 hours after her PC was turned on, Quick View and SmartWare finally saw the drive and started the continuous backup. 

Firewall settings are identical on each PC. QV and SW on her PC, today, is still not seeing the MyBook. Will wait to see if it finds it sometime later today.

Yesterday the PC never connected with the MyBook, and starting out the same today.

I know WD knows how to fix this, since they did on my other PC, but lack of detailed info certainly does not help me. I guess I will implement a scheduled .BAT file XCOPY backup for her, instead, and remove the SW/QV software, so that it doesn’t slow down her system.