SmartWare not available after Partition Resizing and new Letter


I’m installing a new My Book

After partition resizing and new volume letter allocating SmartWare is not available (I did not use it before …).


-  What’s wrong?
-  How can I get access?


Smartware does not work well when partitioning drive. Please restore the drive to one partition.

Hello Wizer

Your answer might be the truth. Still, it’s not realistic for me to go back to 1 partition.

-  I bought By Book to get ordner in the backups.

-  For me, order means at least 2 partitions, 1 for the system data (images), 1 for the user data.

This means (unfortunately), that SmartWare is useless for me and that the reports about this WD product are correct.
-  They recommend to delete it right away.

-  I would subscribe this recommendation, after this experience.

How can I get a continues 1:1 copy of the local user partition on My Book otherwise, i.e. without SmartWare?

-  I think of a reliable thrid party tool.

-  Can you recommend one in particular?

Best regards - Stud1

Even though most people don’t seem to have issues with it, Microsoft claims that there is a “Known Incompatibility” between their System Images and “Advanced Format” drives.

The possibility exists that if you were to try and use Windows Backup to image your drive, either the imaging or the restoring could fail, if either your system drive or your external drive, or both, are Advanced Format.

I don’t know whether any of the other imaging software guarantees Advanced Format compatibility or not.