I am using my WD My Book 3GB USB 3.0 drive in a Windows 8.1 Storage Space and am having problems with the Sleep Timer interruping playback of videos stored in the Storage Space.  As they currently exist, neither SmartWare nor WD Drive Utillities are able to allow access to the Sleep Timer once the drive has been set up for Storage Spaces, unless the drive is totally reformatted.  The problem seems to be that they see the drive in the Storage Space as unformatted, and as a consequence, will not allow access to its settings.

A quick fix would seem to be simply to allow SmartWare to access the Sleep Timer Settings for unformatted WD drives.  A longer term fix would be to investigate and determine Storage Spaces formats so that SmartWare would recognize the drive as being in a Storage Space, and still alllow access to the drive settings, at least the Sleep Timer setting.

Obviously, I am not the only person using WIN-8 and Storage Spaces, so problems over this issue are only going to continue to pile up, as users put these drives into Storage Spaces, without realizing the need to change the default Sleep Timer setting first, and are left with NO access to the drive settings.

Either SmartWare or the Drive Uttilities program, or both, need to be updated to allow access to these drives while in Storage Places.