Smartware & NAS

Hello Folks,

Is any version of smartware able to backup a NAS drive thru Time Machine?

I am new to Macs so please excuse me for my ignorance.

Our iMAC began to run out of space from its HD and we also needed external data storage to access data from 2 other MACs. iMAC is being backed up using Time Machine & WD Smartware and it seems to work well. After the NAS drive was installed (QNAP TS-269pro  - supports AFP) we couldn’t see the NAS drive as a source drive. We could however see the NAS drive as a destination drive.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. All we want to do is to backup the nas drive as well. (incrementally like Time Machine has been doing.


Smartware is capable of making backups from your Mac to a WD USB or NAS hard drive. You can either backup your files manually or using a third party program.