SmartWare loops over log.txt

SmartWare 2.2.0 does never finish backup. The number of “Files Not Backed Up” increases continuously. Clicking “View files” shows that ever single of these files (thousands!) is log.txt. There are always two entries: “File pending backup” and “Specified argument was out of the range of valid valu”.

Is this a bug in 2.2.0 because it did not happen before I upgraded? Or is there an error in my setup? Using Windows 7 in a multiboot environment.


Have you tried reinstalling the software? This is the first time that I see this error on the software with a log.txt file.

Also, are you able to test the software on a different computer that might have the same type of files?

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On my second computer 2.2.0 worked perfectly well, all files said to be backed-up, though I have not checked, if the files really are backed-up.

Yes, reinstallation solved the problem. Thanks!