Smartware Locked file


smartware was doing my backup and it failed to backup one file with 1GB, so what I did was, I went to check the file and I copy it manually to the hidden smartware drive, it seems it worked fine, the issue is that there is still a tmp file and I am unable to delete that file, it says it is in use? I have tried to stop smartware with no luck, is there anyway I can delete the tmp file since the full correct file is already backup?

Thank you

Is the tmp file that big that needs to be removed

not sure how to remove that file in other way than SSH

other using might chime in and help you with that

My first thought would be " WhoHasIt", but I’m unsure if that utility operates outside of a Novell environment.

I’ve been eyeing off " Unlocker" by IObit. I’ve used other freeware utilities of theirs with satisfactory results.


(Actually, since I’m here, I will download it now. :wink: )

I know of " OpenedFilesView", but have not used it.