Smartware Improvements


Smartware Improvements:

  1. If my hard drive crash, I will have to replace it, reinstall, and restore the backup, since smartware will think it is a new computer it will not recognize the backup and so I cant restore it using the Smartware interface, can you please add an option to load a previous backup? To recognize an existing backup even if it is from another computer?

  2. An option to clean all the file versions, if the above scenario happends, I can just map the smartware partition and get all the mess that is there, all the files plus the thousands files version and them spend some hours to make a cleanup of the file versions, I would like to have an option to delete all the previous file versions.

  3. Ability to delay the CDP, it seems that Smartware continous data protection detects a new file and immediatly sends it to the backup, I would like to have an option to set to only backup after a few minutes/hours so I can have time to organize my files

Thank you

1-From the Smartware retrieve tab you have the option to restore the files to a specific location on a new PC. 2-From the retrieve tab you can select the option to only restore the latest version of each file. 3-Smartware is a continuous backup program, but you have the option to explore the backup folder and delete the files that you don’t need.


  1. Thats’s the problem, if you reinstall the Smartware on the formated pc (considered new), it will not recognize the old backup and there is no data there to restore.

  2. Yes, but if the above happens, them your unable to select only the last version sice the files are not there

  3. The answer is nothing related to the point in question, the smartware is a continous backup, there is nothing wrong in having a option to say for example that it will only backup files with an interval of 30 minutes


I have bought two MyBook lives’s to allow off-site backup.

One device is located inside my own network and the other at a friends house.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to access the offsite device from the smartware program.

It would be great when a “cloud backup” feature would be introduced to the smartware software.

Which should allow backup to a Mybook outside your normal network.

Perhaps intresting feature to implement? Technical it should be feasible as WD2Go can also access the MyBook outside the home nework.  

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