SmartWare, format disk, and gigant problem

Hello everyone!

I’m in severe distress. I have two identical drives with 1.5 TB (My Book 1,5TB). From one to another, I wanted to copy the pictures (RAW, actually. CR2 Canon ~ 400 GB). Previously, about two weeks ago I had the updated firmware and software SmartWare. The problem is that both have a different password for unlocking the data partition. 

  1. Do not know which partition is the disk and the guessed password. It turned out that I have three tests and one of the disks (as it later turned out the only copy of these images locked).  Not exactly had read the information and pressed the button format. I thought that this is to reset my password! Immediately I woke up and after three seconds, about 5 ~ -10% operation had disconnected the USB drive and it has been discontinued.

  2. plugged back and Windows XP sees 1400GB space law but wants to format it. Obviously did not do this. I talked with WD, and are not able to help me.

  3. I’ dont now what can I do. Earlier system file is NTFS, now in disk managment Win XP see  RAW. 

  4. Please help! There are not just pictures, but other extremely valuable data. I am terribly disgusted. I have sleepless nights by that. I believe in the valuable guidance.

I believe that software should SmartWare inform clearly that it will destroy the data. And this here is missing and I have a claim to the WD.

The whole affair is described in the Polish forum, but there also are not able to help me

Sorry for my English. Thank YOU So much.

Sorry, to tell you that, but you are BFU.
It dont help you, i know.

There is no chance that you will be able to claim damage on WD, because you are BFU.
Even not through “strange” polish law.

Only thing i can tell you to do is contact Ontrack Lab Ontrack Sp. z o.o.
ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 11
40-082 Katowice
Toll Free: 0 800 90 90 90
Phone number: + 48 (32) 77 999 99

As they are verified DataRecovery service of WD.

And remember, law is not here to protect you from affects of you own stupidity.