Smartware for 32-bit XP?

I’m going through the tedious process of hooking up my new My Book Live to a home network that includes one Windows Vista system and two machines running Windows XP (32-bit). I’ve managed to set everything up on the Vista, but I can’t get through discovery on the XP systems so the app never gets to installing Smartwate When I tried to find Smartware on the disc to install it manually, I only find 64-bit and 86-bit files. Apparently the hardware they sold me is compatible with any XP system (as advertised) but the software is not (not mentioned). IS there a 32-bit version of Smartware, or a work-around?

My Friend, there are no 86 bit files. Windows 32bit versions also called x86 versions. It is good to go with x86 for 32bit OS.

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Thank you for your response.  I did manage to get past the discover issue on my XP laptop and was subsequently able to install Smartware.  I still have not managed the same discovery miracle on my XP desktop.  I’ve also only been able to get Smartware’s backup functioning over a direct connection . . . No such luck over wireless.  I’m thinking the root problem is a network issue.  Thanks again for the help.  

Pray for a computer “semi-literate” pilgrim with a not so “plug and play” dilemma. :smileyvery-happy: