Smartware does NOT backup emails if Thunderbird is the email app of your choice


when looking at the smartware screen, the app implies that it´s backing up my email files. However, it´s NOT! I suppose that the problem is that thunderbird uses [email folder name].msf files, but those don´t store the email data. There are also [email folder name] files (without file extension) that store all the information. As smartware selects files by file extensions and does not allow the user to select specific files, it doesn´t back up any of my emails.

I couldn´t find any way to work around it other than just backing up the files manually. I have the most recent update Windows release The report from one user that there was a workaround with backuprules.xml doesn´t work for me. The folder C:\Users<your login>\AppData\Roaming\Western Digital\WD SmartWare doesn´t exist on my PC and I couldn´t find the file anywhere on my PC.

I was quite surprised that not more people have had this problem. I could only find 4 posts referring to problems with thunderbird. I can´t be the only one using this cool email client?! And on top I think that it´s pretty bad that the program pretends to have backed up my emails when it hasn´t. I´m glad that I have noticed now and not when I my HD has crashed and I really need the backup…

It would be nice to fix this problem in future versions of the program. I like the program a lot and if it wasn´t for this problem it would even be a lot better. In addition, it would be nice to add an “expert mode” or something similar that adds a bit more customization options in respect to folders etc.


Nice, I recommend the you post this under ‘‘ideas’’, Ummm, However, the WD SmartWare will only backup the supported file types. More info in the link below:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

However, you can use the Windows backup utility to backup this files.

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

Windows 7:

Hope it helps :)…

Exactly, we have just purchased 5 new wd drives and have noticed the same issue. Its a pretty useless situation having to additionaly reply on windows backup to backup what should be obvious. Btw. it doesn’t backup the Thunderbird address book either… I mean come on… seriously?!

Well as I see you all seem to have the same problem as I have…

One would expect wd to fix this but as it seems we’re all stuck with a program that looks nice and works well but has a flaw that makes it useless for it’s  - at least in my point of view - intended purpose.

It’s a bit disappointing but I guess I’ll have to work with the windows backup (which ironically supports not only their own outlook data)

Same problem here. I have to use an alternative tool now which likely will cover also everything which the SmartWare tool offers. This makes the software completely unusable for me. I cannot understand which such simple options like folder selection for backup are not included at least as advanced settings option. By the way, the description of the backup tool on the homepage sounds really good and that was one of the reasons why I bought the WD MyBook Live.

Well, I did have to attempt to restore my Thunderbird InBox after Symantec ate it… Yet another email there.  Let’s say it’s rather dissapointing that they capture the index file and not the actual data file.  There appears to be no way to customize the backup program to capture that.  I can live without the MSF and let Thunderbird rebuild it on the next restart.  I can’t do without the data file.

 I’ll also add that it looks like they don’t capture the Calendar either.  In the end, this doesn’t do anything about backing up Thunderbird.

Looks like I’ll make this a bare drive and schedule NTBackup to capture what I want.

I guess I should have read these posts before buying my new 1 TB Book  Essential. 

What really frosts me is the hint of further information about ‘all’ of the file types that WILL be backed up-essentially, the list that appears in the documentation with nothing new about Other  Others that do not belong in the five main categories.

Since something (Symantec?) locked my previous non-WD backup disk so that I can only read its files, not copy/cut/rename/delete them, I guess I’ll have to use the Win7 backup or NT.

What we need is a gifted hacker to hook something into that Other category that wil allow us to add folders and files at will.

I have the same problem but my e-mail client is Qualcomm (Eudora). I, also, would really like a facility to add extra files to the automatic backup facility. WD, please note.

Clare wrote:

I have the same problem but my e-mail client is Qualcomm (Eudora). I, also, would really like a facility to add extra files to the automatic backup facility. WD, please note.

Our next release should allow for this.