Smartware config/memory before format

HI all,

Let me explicar the subject of the message. The thing is that I have 2 drives (Drive 1: SO; Drive 2: DATA) +1 WD Passport for backups (ONLY backup of Drive 2).

Sometimes (like now) I need to format the Drive 1 and I would like to know what happens with the backup made using WD SmartWare. Where are the setting saved? After formatting Drive 1 and losing all the WD SmartWare settings, will WD SmartWare recognize what it’s already backed up? Is there any config file that I need to save before formatting Drive 1?



If you reformat Drive 1, then WD SmartWare will lose the settings you have applied but not the files as long as your Passport is left intact.

The next time you install WD SmartWare (On any computer with the same base Operating System) you may need initialize your backup plan prior to restoring from it. In order to initialize the backup plan you will need to open WD SmartWare, select the  Backup  tab. This will start updating previous backup plans to new backup plans. When this is complete you will be able to restore your backup files.

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