Smartware can't find my drive. Only shows dropbox

I have uninstalled and re-installed the Smartware app but I still can’t see my drive in the target devices area.  All I see is a dropbox icon.

I have looked through this forum and I don’t think anyone had a solution.  Not one that works for me anyways.

Note, that even if I run the “my cloud” app on my desktop, it doesn’t see the device and I have to click the “manually connect” in order to see my drive.

Has anyone else run into these issue?

Hello, what is the model number for your device, and what Windows version do you have?

I have WDBACG0020HCH-NESN running with Windows 7 Pro

Same kind of issue here; WDMyCloudEX4 and Win7 Home.  Brand new setup, just fired it up tonight…

Some more clues, perhaps:  I also am getting what appear to be false positive alerts (e.g. fan is critical but the front panel on NAS says temp & fan are just fine (cool and low RPM, not borderline)).  The WD Quick View tray tool thinks the NAS is asleep (I can only “wake this device” or “forget this device”), yet the web dashboard at the same time is showing ~1MB/sec photo upload from my phone and I can get to the drives via File Explorer just fine…  

I have exactly the same problem which I’ve only noticed since upgrading to v2.2.1 of Smartware.

Can’t be absolutely certain this was not broken before as I rarely fire up Smartware I just leave it alone to get on with it’s backups most of the time.

I’ve raised a query with WD so hopefully will get a reply Monday.

This could be the final straw that sees me dumping Smartware and trying something a little more user-friendly…

I have had the same issue since updating to 2.2.1.  The workaround for me has been to reboot the device each morning, once my PCs are on. That seems to solve the issue until my next PC reboot cycle.  I have also had to go in and “disable” / “enable” backups to ensure they are working, but not each and every time.

The issue is clearly on the PC side. One day this week, after performing the above, I had to reboot one of the PCs. It immediately lost connection with my WD MyBook, while the others continued to work fine.

See my new post …  there is no fix  … you are forced to pay for an upgrade of WD software … and forced to back up to Dropbox … 

I just got the pro version and have the same problem.  My drives show up in the source listing, but a USB book and drop-box are the only ones in the target list.

If there is not a fix, this is really poor software.

I am running Windows 7, and would like to back up to a Pogoplug attached drive (private cloud).  These network drives are visible as source.

Download & install My Cloud from WD.  Click to open it.  Wait a miniute to find your drive, then click on it, then close it.  Then wait a couple of minutes.  Mine did that.  Also check if the windows services are on and set properly.  see my prior post.