Smartware Backup Speed Settings Missing

I have version 1.6.0 of the Western Digital Smartware installed on a 64bit version Windows 7 with service pack 1.

Everything installed correctly and appears to be working, however once I started my backup it just sits there and won’t backup anything like it’s waiting for the system to be idle.  I remember a “Backup Speed” setting under the software settings category used to be there, however they aren’t there now.  I even checked the help tab for the software which states:

"Pausing backups until your computer is idle

A large backup can take a lot of time, and can consume a lot of your system processing resources. The WD SmartWare software works in the background using minimal computer resources while you are working on your computer. If you want to pause all backup activity until your computer is idle:

  1. On the Software Settings screen, click Backup Speed to display the Reduce Backup Speed dialog.
  2. Select or clear the Run backup when computer is idle check box to enable or disable the Backup Speed option"

So, how do I change the backup speed and uncheck the “wait for system idle” settings if the settings aren’t in the software?

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It has been reported that this feature was removed by other users

will need to research a bit since I stopped using Smartware a couple of updates back

Thanks, for looking into the issue.  There are about 4 config files in different locations on my computer for the Smartware software.  One of them (WDSmartWare.exe.config) contained the following line:


It was set to “True” and I changed it to “False”, however there hasn’t been any change in operation after changing the setting.

Wizer, what software have you been using if not the Smartware?

I combine manual backups along with Windows 7 Backup ( Image )