Smartware backed up in public folder?

Brand new RMA MBL 2TB.  Updated to latest firmware.  Updated smartware up to 2.1. 

After letting smartware copy all selected folders from 2 PCs, I see that I have backup in two locations.

-I navigated to \mybooklive

-I see the public folder, and the smartware folder.

-within the smartware folder are the folders for each computer.  within those are the correctly selected folders I had backed up.

-however, in the top level “public” folder, there is public music, photos, etc, all the default stuff, AND there is another wdstor folder, and in that is a full backup of the vista machine.

Essentially, this comptuer is backed up twice, once in the public folder, and again in the smartware folder.  I have no ide ahow this happened, nor how I can remedy the situation without hosing something.  I guess I could just delete the backup in the public folder?

Hello, since you have the option to select the destination for the Smartware backup, be sure that the Public folder was not selected at some point. You can try checking the Smartware settings and then delete the public backup folder. 

yeah, i was wondering if smartware started to backup before it had a chance to create that smartware folder.  that folder only became visible in the MBL web dashboard in a recent firmware, so between replacing the MBL, updating firmware, and updating smartware it might have defaulted to public.  all the partitions and computers are pointing to the smartware share now, so I suppose I’ll just delete that backup in the public share.