Smartware 2.1.0 not backing up Libraries

Since I have upgraded to Smartware version 2.1.0 , it seems that the software is ignoring changes to Windows 8 Libraries, such as “My Documents”, My Music" , etc.  However, the software is running and functioning in “category” mode for normal directories on my c: drive, such as “Our Dcouments”.  eg. text files in c:\Our Documents\text do get backed-up almost immediately, but those in “My Documents”, a libary (actually, c:\users\xxxxxx\My Documents) are ignored.  Similary, new/amended directories and files in “My Music” are ignored.

I thought I had got this working again, after the update by: disabling the backup; unchecking the “documents” category; applying the change; checking the “documents” category; and re-enabling the backup.  After that, backup’s seemed to be working again for libraries.  However, they have stopped again and trying the same “fix” was ineffective.

I guess I will have to await the next release of Smartware (an oxymoron ?) to see if this issue is resolved.  WD seem reluctant to actually acknowledge issues (or test the software effectively?).  I am still awaiting a resolution or a progress update to the unlimited backup issue I reported some months ago (with Thunderbird).

Hello  Djehuty,

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I am actually having this same issue, I currently backing up certain folders on my desktop, and the last time I tried to back them up, the Smartware tells me all my backups are successful even though there are files in the folders that weren’t backed up.  I am assuming it was because of the 2.1.0 update?