Smartphone and Wd My Cloud?

We have had a Wd My Cloud 4 Tb some years but very seldom have used it online. It has been more like a normal harddisk and connected via ether net cable to my laptop. It has been used as a backup disk for all our photos. I wonder would it and how it would be possible to get a contact from my smart phone to My Cloud to watch all those photo memories? Would be nice to sit e.g at a park or somewhere else than in the office and have a peaceful look at the photos.

So my question are

  1. Win 7 HP laptop, Wd My Cloud, an Android 10 system smart phone and both wireless home modem net and wireless mobile net are available

  2. How to connect those above mentioned?

  3. For safety reason I have never used Clouds like Google or anything else. Therefore we have several normal Wd My Books and this one Wd Cloud

Please could someone quids me through this connection task?

Thank You so much!
Have a great new day!


You could refer to the following links for step by step instructions:

For WD My Cloud setup:

Install WD My Cloud App for remote access: