Smartaware is backing up to a new(different) Volume folder

I have a My Passport Ultra 1gb. Works fine. My laptop is partioned 3 ways - C for Operating system and Program files, M - All my personal files, photos, music etc. and V - Movies etc

Due to an install of a DisplayLink adpater that went wrong, my laptop crashed out for the first time in over 5 years!!! It reinstalled windows. To my relief (for convenience if anything as everything is backed up) My other partitions were intact.

I had to reinstall WD software etc, but now, when I do a back up it goes to a different Folder in the WD SmartWare.swstor folder.
It WAS backing up to Volume.db72e991.89f6.11e3.a03e.1c3e84783860
but post-crash its now going into a newly created folder called Volume.0363849d.22c8.11e9.ac92.806e6f6e6963

Problem being is - as its updating that new folder with the full 200GB, its running out of space as it means I now have TWO locations of this drive backed up on my Passport drive now.

How can I make it back up to its old location without deleting or copying anything between the two volumes mentioned above?

Anyone got a suggestion for this please?