Smart software saves any alternation on the original file as a new file

Hi anyone,

It is a great a program (Smart software). But I only found one drawback which is follows:

When I have backed up all my data. Then, each file I open to make some alternation of it, I check out that smart Software backs up another file with for the original file with the alternations. I was expecting that Smart software will only save the alternation in the original file.

With this way, may hard  disk will soon be full.

There isn’t any way to let Smart software save any alternation in the original file instead of backing a new file. In other words, if all the data, especially which are able to be alternated are synchronized.

For me, I have tried open a Microsoft Word file and then I have added something to it. And then I have saved it in my computer.

pronounciation1: this is the original name of the  file

pronounciation1@8f4846063c144f57834c742a29f357fc: this is the name which Smart software named automatically into my external hard disk (my passport) after I saved the file into my internal hard disk

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Check the software settings of SmartWare, make sure that the File History is set to keep 1 version of each file.

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I am not taking about the version of a file inside Smart software’s settings.

But could you please concenetrate a little with me? I have a prblem with any alternated file. If I open  a file backed up before by Smart software into my My passport to make some alternation, I see that Smart software doesn’t add/save this alternation/changes into the orginal file instead of that Samrt software  backs up anohter new file .

If you have backed up you data from your internal hard disk into your WD external hard. Then,  you let Backup
automatic continue backup.

After that, we assume you opened a Micorsoft Word file or Excel or even an image, or any file are adjustable, which calls ‘Vadir’. Next, added some information to that file. Finally,  saved that file to your internal hard disk, You would be seeing that Smart Software will be backing a new file into your WD external hard disk instead of saving the adding information to the existing file.