$SMART$$ - My cloud Home - Gdrive and dropbox at home :-(

My cloud home
WD has built a cloud environment just like google and Dropbox but at the $$$ COST $$$ of USER electricity and infrastructure.
Wait … Really !!! How ???
Can you access WD My cloud home without internet
— No… no local account or direct lan access…
Can you access WD My Cloud home without application
– No…
Then what type of a product is this ???
You cannot backup from WD my cloud --> USB (i know it is not a NAS)
You do not have a DASHBOARD
The interface and features are restricted.

Come onn… The uploading documents to google and dropbox are way fast than this.
The only reason to have this is to see your DATA residing in a WHITE BOX at your house.

What is the difference between G Drive Dropbox and WD My cloud home = NOTHING

ONCE you have your data in WD Cloud - There is no WAY OUT.
Single bay drive users - High Availability or redundancy is your RISK.

Improved hardware but REDUCED 80% functionality.
BTW, I can also open dropbox in windows explorer…

Normal users would prefer and use Onedrive, gdrive, dropbox and not bring in a Cloud drive to Home. This tech was desgined for someone with basic know how of sharing and backups.

Please enable all features or the hardware upgrade adds no value, btw nice design.
All electronic store shelf have took out the old WD my cloud, I guess no retailers are aware that this is NOT an upgrade but a different product.

Make the backup compatible with only WD passport drives, i dont mind, but enable the backup.

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Hi spawas,

The contents of a USB Drive can be backed-up to a My Cloud Home device. This backup feature is only available through the My Cloud Home mobile app. USB Backups must be manually started from the mobile app then a directory is created based on the USB Drive volume name.

Most of My Passport devices are supported by My Cloud Home device for USB backup and you can refer this KBA for supported external drives with My Cloud Home.

For more further details, please refer this.

i wish i’d signed up for this community BEFORE i bought the WDmch a few hours ago.
i had no idea of the limited access this product provides.
all of your points are totally valid, this seems to be something more aligned for a dorm room than a household.
“ONCE you have your data in WD Cloud - There is no WAY OUT.”
can you elaborate on what you said here? is this a one-way storage device?
eg: use the WDmch to off-load storage-hogging pics/vids from mobile devices --but-- no way to move the data off of the drive?


I wish, I went for the old WD My Cloud as well.

Once you import everything on your WD My Cloud Home you cannot export the contents to any other portable usb device (i.e. by using the usb port on my cloud Home)

The only way you could do is download all your content via a Laptop and Smart-Phone (Best of luck downloading 4tb 8tb or 16 tb with the slow speed in Kbps)

The option you propose is Only IMPORTING Data to My Cloud Home. (i.e. USB Drive --> My Cloud home)

Any options to EXPORT from My Cloud Home.

Why should we export this way (the only way to export)
WD My cloud home —> Router -----> Computer —> USB Portable drive.

Why cant WD Enable the direct export option via USB.
WD My cloud home --> USB Portable Drive.