Smart home stick on Mycloud EX-2 WD ZWAVE Stick

Anyone familiar with configuring Z-WaveMe using the WD Z-Wave stick?

When connecting this to MyCloud the blue light of the stick flashes once most of the time but I did see it flashing regularly after a few reboots. What is the right condition?

I managed to get the Z-wave app up and running but it is very bad documented or should I say not at all.
I cannot find how to set classes for Z-Wave devices and how to make them interact (scenes) All I need is a couple of screenshots how to do the trick.
I did ask Z-Wave Europe, got answers but alas not very helpful.

I’m beginning to regret the purchase of this expensive Z-wave stick especially for WD, maybe WD staff can help?

Hello mopedlad,

We have no information available for now regarding setting up the Z-WaveMe stick with My Cloud device. As it’s a third party software and product you should try contacting their support for better assistance regarding it’s setup.

Or you should wait for our form members here who have set up the same thing with our My Cloud device to help you further.