SMART error - What to do now?


My Mycloud 6TB made a terrible noise when I got home from work.
I shut it down, started it up again and it still made the same noise.

I turned it of again and let it rest without power for a while - and now it start without noise and I can access it again.
Did a disktest via the web ui and it gave me an “SMART error, code 3”.

Of course, the warranty just ended. Typical.

Any suggestions? It seems to be working fine now - not that I trust that it will work for much longer.

Have you got it backed up…?

Yes, I’ve backed up the most important (non replaceable) stuff. Don’t have enough space to backup the full 6 tb though.

Is there anything I could do to fix it?

See this website for explanation of smart error code three.

Since it says it might be caused by a defective connection - could it be worth taking the HDD out of the enclosure and installing it in my computer? Is it possible to do that without formatting it?

Can a faulty connection even be the cause of the horrible hdd noise?


Not the noise. If it is a faulty connection. Just removing the motherboard and putting it back. Will fix the bad connection.

Hey! I am facing the same problem and looking for the solution. Please help. I have been tried some of the suggestion like backup and fixing the problem by coding but not solved. I tried to find the solution on google here I found this cyberlink for software. Is I will found anything there or not?:expressionless: