Smaller hdd possible?

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can i use another hdd than the wd ones? i want to use my 360 gb seagate hdd for my mybooklive. but theres no partition structure like on the wd ones.

how can i create this structure?

Search on this forum, some people have been able to add smaller HD to their MBLs.

A NAS device, has its own OS, hence you have a different/partition. You will need to install it before it can function as a NAS. Search the debrick guides, they tell you how step-step

yeah, i found a couple of threads but these theads only write about hds which have been used with a mbl or threads of cloning the original hd to a smaller one. but i dont own a original mbl hd.
i got a mbl without hd and want to use it now with my old seagate 360gb which has never been used as a mbl hd before.

now i started with this guide: [GUIDE] How to unbrick a totally dead MBL


because my hd didn’t have the partition structure. i followed the guide until i have to login with putty. the login works fine but i’m not able to run the command to fix the swap partition.

does anyone have an idea?

Try version 2 instead. See the very first comment on the link you posted.

Whether you have a previously used MBL hard drive or not, should make no difference.

See this post:

Hi Jan_Niklas_Schulz,

is the problem still active?
I got two MBL up 'n running with smaller HDDs, both Seagate one 250GB, one 200GB. Installation was a breeze with Version 2 of debrick guide. But I ended up with a few tricky situations.
I listed the steps in this post:

related post: [SOLVED] No update possible

Have fun! :wink:

problem is already solved. i just did a factory reset.