Slow USB Auto-Backup to External HD

I’m backing up my 2TB sharespace (configured in RAID 1) to an external HD using the auto-backup feature of the front USB port.  However, the transfer speed is astonishly slow.  I’m averaging about 1 MB / sec (3.5 GB / hour).  At this rate, it would take me 3 days to backup my 250 GB of data!

I have similar problems using auto-backup to write to a flash drive, so I know it is the sharespace that is the problem.  I am running the latest firmware (2.1.92) on my sharespace.

Any help is very appreciated!


Upon further review, it appears as though the issue relates to the file system on the external drive: when the drive is formatted as FAT32 the transfer is quick (approx 4 MB / sec); when the drive is formatted as NTFS the transfer is much slower (1 MB / sec, as originally reported). This is not an issue when the drive is attached directly to my computer - what gives? It is obviously an issue with the ShareSpace.



The new firmware is supposed to improve the USB performance with NTFS drives.

I have just made a simple test with a copy of 466GB directory,  /DataVolume/Public/Docs/Files, from the sharespace to a USB NTFS disk … Just to have an idea about the transfer rate.

/DataVolume/Public/Docs $ date

Sat Jun 12 00:54:25 ICT 2010

/DataVolume/Public/Docs $ cp -R Files/ /shares/usb1-1share1/

/DataVolume/Public/Docs $ date

Sat Jun 12 11:39:52 ICT 2010

Well this can give you an idea of the transfer rate, 1658 files, and 210 directories - 466GB

Well, this firmware is full of surprises … Beware of the sharing problem … :wink:



How many files are you copying from the ShareSpace?  The backup speed is more dependant on the number of files than the sum capacity of the files.

I am transferring 28,000 files.  Is this enough to slow down the transfer rate by 75%?

Any more word on this USB speed thing? I attempted to use the USB to Sharespace utility via the front USB port and while the first 50GB of data transferred find the remaining 50GB is still churning 18 hours later.

While I’ve learned to hate my Sharespace (seeminly as a result of the latest firmware), I’d still like to use it to hold infrequently accessed data.