Slow transfert rate with wifi N?

Hello =)

I really need your help !

I just bought a wifi N card for my laptop, as I read that it could solve speed issues with the MBL. 

I had previously a 2.5 MBytes/s transfer rate, and now a 5MBytes/s. Better but still bad :frowning:

Here is my configuration :

My router :
Belkin N+ Router F5D8236-4
UPnP enabled

My laptop :
WiFi Intel® 5300 AGN
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

MBL wired to the router with the native ethernet cable, and wifi connexion to the win7 laptop.

If I check the state of the wifi connexion, it gives me a speed of 144Mbps.


Can you help me to improv** e all this ? Did I bought a wrong card ?**


Thank you so much for your help ! =)

Is that 5 megaBITS per second, or megaBYTES per second?

5 MBytes / s  sorry :wink:

No worries.  

That’s actually not too bad, really.

5 MegaBYTES =~ 45-55 megaBITS per second (including “overhead”) which, if your “associated rate” is ~144, isn’t bad at all.

Keep in mind that what Winderz reports in the connection status is the “Associated Data Rate,” and should *never* be assumed to be an indication what kind of throughput you should expect.

Sitting right across the room from my 300mbit 802.11n box (and with a 300mbit/sec associated data rate) I can usually get no faster than 10-12 megabytes per second through the WiFi network.

Thank you for your answer !

I thought it was possible to reach 30MB/s even with WIFI, but I guess I was wrong.

In your opinion, how can I get a 300mbit 802.11n connexion as yours ? The N range is not universal ? Because I already bought a N wifi minicard for my laptop expecting to have the highest transfer rate…

Thank you again :slight_smile:

It’s possible to get 30MBs or so, but all the conditions have to be PERFECT. Like laboratory conditions “perfect.”

No, N is not “universal” by any stretch. But to even have a hope, your WiFi box must support 40MHz channel spacing, and not have any interference from other sources on the same frequency.

I’m only getting 1.5 MBps using a TPLINK R470+ load balancing router.

Any thoughts?

hanscruz wrote:

I’m only getting 1.5 MBps using a TPLINK R470+ load balancing router.


Any thoughts?

That’s not a WiFi device at all.  :laughing: