Slow transfer speeds! Please help!

Here’s my setup:

-Linksys WRT54G2 Router (latest firmware)

-Win XP computer (sp3)

-MBWE (White light) connected to router (latest firmware)

-Computer wirelessly connected to router

-MBWE has a static ip

So I ftp into the NAS using the 192.168.1.XXX using WinSCP (no encryption) and my transfer rates are between 500-600kb/s, transferring outside the network (ie, work), i get 60-80kb/s. What gives, I hear people complaining about 10mb/s!? I would love to have 10mb/s, can someone help me out, please. This is getting frustrating transferring my design files to and from work when they are 50mb+! Anyone?!

87 views and 1 week later and nobody has anything to say? When I do figure this out (and I will!), message me if anybody needs help solving a similar issue…!

What should be transfer speeds?! I am getting around 1.5 Mps wirelessly and around 10 Mps if connected witht he cable…is this slow? I was expecting the speeds to be higher but hv no basis of comparing since thisis my first buy…pls help!

WD advertises My Book World as 1000 Mb/s capable device but they never officialy admit that hardware of My Book is not so capable enough for high speed transfers…

I have not tested wireless speeds on my device, but on wired 1Gbit LAN my speeds are following:

from PC on LAN  to MyBook = ~13 megabytes/sec

from MyBook to PC = ~31 megabytes/sec

I’ll trade you.

I’ve got 1.1 Mb/sec write speed

Ever since I installed the WD-MBWEII (2TB), nothing has gone according to my expectations, based on the reviews I read before buying this drive. When I clicked “ok” to back up all my files the transfer process was excruciatingly slow…I figured it might need some time for the first transfer…12 hours later it had only backed up 56.2Gb of data - someone please tell me that’s not normal! Better yet, how do I get this to go faster?

Appreciate any help and advice from experience folks. Thanks in advance!

No that’s normal.  Mine is wired and it took 24 hours for 1 TB–and it brings my network to it’s knees. I had high expectations for this product as I love my WD HD Live but I should have just stuck with a cheap drive hanging off the back of that. This offers me no advantages  only clutters the network when managing files.  I cant get the ctorrent to work either and the instructions to resolve issues with it are weak.  

jazzymood wrote:

from PC on LAN  to MyBook = ~13 megabytes/sec

from MyBook to PC = ~31 megabytes/sec

My speeds are in line with these: 13MB/s to the NAS; 27MB/s from.  I’m using gigabit lan, cat5e cable, a netgear gigabit switch, and 9K jumbo frames enabled (computer, NAS and switch).  Computer is Win7.  I guess that’s as good as it’ll get for me.  There seem to be a lot of variables that affect speed that we’ll never be able to isolate.

And for anyone hoping to back up a large amount of data over wireless… save yourself the frustration and do at least your initial “big” backup over ethernet.

Just kill mionet and twonkymediaserver and it will fly

True, if I ssh in and kill twonky my speeds move form 600kb/s to 6-7 Mb/s

So, after replacing some cat5e with cat6 and replacing “my poor excuse for a router” (Linksys WRT54G2, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this router to anybody!), things were getting good, 5-6mbps. Then out of the blue the NAS takes a dump, so I just RMA’ed it and I’m thinking I should just pull the drives and buy a QNAP, heard they are way better and faster than the horrible My Book World Edition! That or buy the ReadyNAS line from Netgear! I will NEVER go back to using my My Book World Edition nor will I EVER recommend this pile of scrap metal; I have already wasted time and money on this thing among loosing my backups. I thank you all for your comments and wish everyone luck!