Slow transfer rate over network

I have MBLD 6tb installed on the net work through ethernet wire. Even though I have a gigabit router, my transfer rate at max is only 10-11Mb/s. Is there a way to set it so it will be faster. My Computer is also gigabit mother board and intel 7i.

Try bypassing the router, and plug te MBLD directly to the computer.  Then reset the MBLD by holding its reset button for 4 seconds, then reboot the computer.

Thank you Vadir, but is there a way to keep it as a NAS drive so that my computer can be turn off and the MBLD can still function over the network for other devices.  Is this the limitation of MBLD speed over the ether net connection or is it my setting somehow.  I’ve red that some people are getting rate of up to 45Mb/s or more but not sure what I am doing wrong.

11 megabits per second is dead-on slow.

I’d be looking for cable problems at either the PC or the MBL.  Even though cables are included with the MBL, there might be a chance for a bad one…

You should easily be able to get 20x that speed.