Slow to be recognized by Windows

I just bought at 3 TB Elements ext hdd, and it takes about 45 seconds for me to be able to access the drive in Windows 7 Pro.  I see the little icon to safely remove the device pretty quick, but the auto play window or drive letter takes 45 seconds to appear.  Once it’s up I have no issues whatsoever.  Any ideas why it’s so slow?



Test the unit with DLG to see if the drive has any errors

I did the Quick Test, and there were no errors.

What are you using for AV? Just to eliminate that possibility disable the AV and connect drive and see if that makes ant difference.


Norton 2013.  I have another WD external drive (250 GB) which comes up very quickly on the same machine.  I also disabled Norton, and got the same result.  The strange thing is that I get the drive letter in Explorer pretty quick, but I just can access it until 45 seconds later.  I would again like to stress that it is very fast when I get access.  The blinking white light is going the entire time that I am waiting if that helps.

 Does the drive act the same on USB 2 and USB 3?


I don’t have a USB 3.0 cable to test it with so I don’t know.