Slow to access

I have a 4TB My Book external HD attached to my computer.
I also have a 2TB external attached in addition to the 2TB HD internal.
When I backup files and/or write to the internal drive or to the 2TB drive they are found within about 1 second.
When I backup files and/or write to the 4TB My Book HD, it takes about 10-20 seconds before it seems to be “discovered” and for the write process to begin. Does the My Book device power itself down between uses?
Is there something I can do to speed up the process?

You should run SMART test and Complete Drive test to check the health of drive using WD Drive Utilities.

The drive is in good shape. My query is that it seems to be powered down, then when I attempt to read or write from/to it, it has to power on which takes a few seconds. I suppose a better query might be… “Is it indeed powered down when not in use? and If so, how do I ensure it remains powered on and ready for immediate use?”

I’m experiencing the same problem. My 5TB WD Elements has started to power down after about 20secs o inactivity, then when accessed again has to power up. This ‘restart’ takes about 20secs.This is killing Lightroom and other RAW photo processing software.

If there’s no fix I will have to replace the drive. I’m thinking WD will not be a candidate when I finally make the replacement decision.