Slow Speed

i am just getting 3MB copy speed which is very slow, it takes more than 24 hours to transfer 100GB data, is this speed fine?

i am using My net N900 router with My Book Live

Hi, I have experienced slow upload speeds as well. I just bought MyBookLive and updated to the latest firmware.

I connect wirelessly to my WNDR3700 . I have connected  a MyBookLive 3TB and a MyBookWorld 1TB.

I can upload to MyBookWorld  11MB/s, which is ok since it only supports 10/100Mbps.

However on the MyBookLive I can get a max of 6.6MB/s which is way too low (should be between 20 - 30Mb/s)

Any feedback would be appreciated since I bought MyBookLive mainly for the 1000Mbps support.