Slow MyBook web UI won't accept default password

Hi folks,

I have had my 3TB MyBook unit for a few months. I can read/write files from Win7 accessed via “Network” in Microsoft Explorer. However, when I access the UI it takes 3-5 minutes to respond to anything. When I try to pass the “Enter Owner password” screen I always get “invalid password”. I have never set the password and am trying variations on and admin as per other messages on this board. This is after many resets (i.e. paperclip into reset button) and power off/on cycles. This makes me hesitant to fully commit backups to the unit when I cannot manage it completely.

I have not installed the WD utilities. I am accessing the unit via LAN cable (not USB) typically via IP address - I _do_ get the WS sign-in screen- eventually! The LED activity seems normal (e.g. blue->yellow->green).

Any suggestions welcomed… thanks…

Holding the reset button, for 4 seconds, should reset the MBL and clear the password.  You may try accessing the UI from a different computer and/or browser.  If the issue persists you may contact WD for a replacement