Slow Internet download speed when nas is plugged in

I’ve just purchased a mbl and have noticed significant loss of download speed when it’s online. I currently have 10meg cable broadband from virgin media using their modem with a netgear wireless router model wgr614 v9. The network is used by three laptops, an iPad, iPhone all on wireless and an xbox wired through one of the ethernet ports on the router. Normally only one or two of these devices is online at any one time. I’ve tested using an app and without the mbl I can see 800-900kB/s compared to around 100kB/s (and at one point as low as 11kB/s) when it’s plugged in. The effect is almost immediate; Plug it in and it drops, unplug and it’s back to normal. It appears to have no effect on the upload speed which stays steady at around 60kB/s. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.

Hi there, what if you block the MBL from accesssing the internet on your router? I know this is going to prevent you from using the internet services like FTP and WD Photos, but I can’t think of a better way to control it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I’ve disabled mionet for now and upgraded the firmware and it seems to be fine. Fingers crossed that’s done the trick.