Slow Hardrive Speed

I’m having a problem where I can see pictures on my hard drive, but I cannot read video and cannon write on the drive. I can’t copy the data off either, because whenever I try, my mac freezes. Does anyone know a solution to this problem and make my drive work faster? Thank you.


There could be a file format supported issue. In case if you are using the macOS Big Sur version, we recommend formatting the drive file format to APFS. Please refer to the link below:

Link: How to Convert a WD External Drive to Apple File System (APFS) Format

Make sure that you have backed up your data stored on the drive before going to format the drive because reformatting is data destructive process.

Also, poor or slow performance is usually caused by system configuration issues. It is very rare that the performance issue is directly related to the hard drive. To ensure that the computer system is configured for optimal performance, we recommend referring to this KB article: Benchmarking programs indicate that my hard drive is performing slower than expected