Slow discovery and other strange things with MBL on Mac

I am using MyBook Live 3 TB with Mountain Lion with OS X 10.8.2.

  1. It takes about 10-15 minutes before MBL appears in available shares. Is it possible to setup somehow faster drive detection for MBL?

  2. If I address to MBL using its IP address then it connects immediately, but it uses another drive name (“MacBookLive-”) than it does when it connects automatically (“mybooklive”) and there are no custom icons at its folders. Well, I do not like that it uses minus sign in its name and that absense of icons. Why all this happens?


Hi, MacBookLive? Did you change the name on the dashboard? Go to the my book dashboard/system/general and on “device name” change the name of the my book to the one you would like to have.