Slow Compiling Library

When compiling the library, the WD Live TV Hub, takes for every.

I know I have alot of videos and pictures, with two 3TB drives, but that is rediculous.

I’ve never seem it finish.

In the mean time, you can browse my folder. Why cannoy I view by library and watch the number of file being added to the library? At least I would know its working on it, and maybe how far it has to go.

I reset the TV Live Hub, and started over, it now too about 40 minutes to make a library…

I hope nothing changes, last time I abanded the process after two days.

It takes mine about 15 minutes to scan 7.5TB of NAS which is 630ish movies and some personal videos.

Yes, library management needs some work. The clear media library function, which is the only way to compile the media library by command, needs to be in the folder and file options as well as in setup. Slow? …can be but it works!


       Thank you, today I added some more pictures and video to the network harddrive, and yes I had to recomplile the library. I thought the Live Hub was suppose to acknowledge the new files and automatically regenerate the library.

    If we do regenerate the library, we should be always checking and updateing the library, and in the back ground, as a subsystem… now that would be nice.


Across a T100 Ethernet my 2 3TB drive are connected to my WD Live TV Hub. Here is what I found.

My family pictures and small videos are 743 GB  and the other drive is 1.17 TB or 1,347 files in 13 folders for my movie collection.

It took 25 minutes approximately to create a new library.

Just thought you should know. Does anyone else have any stats? I have to get two Giga bit switches. I hope this improves the preformance.

with currenltly 150GB of videos and pictures it takes around 2-4 mins of compilation by the media library.