Slow accessing large files

Hello, I’ve recently purchased a 1tb WD mybooklive. I’ve loaded it with 3/4 folders no bigger than 30gb and I can access these fine with reasonable response times. However, after copying a 125gb folder (all my music) I found that accesing this file takes a very long time and it often wont let me access the contents, just appears to freeze with the apple spinning wheel. I’m running a imac, into a gigabit switch which links to the mybooklive and gigabit port on my broadband hub. I’ve been in contact with WD who told me to facotry restore the NAS which I’ve done, re-loaded my data and now have the same problem. I dont think 125gb is particularly massive and would expect the drive to cope, BUT very happy to recieve all suggestions for speeding this up to a workable pace. THANK you.

Is the drive by chance indexing your media? It would have a continuous flashing green LED. Until this process is finished, the NAS performance would be degraded.

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Yes it did do this for some time but I left it alone and had since returned to static blue LED. 

I’ve now performed a facotry reset on the drive and have re-copied the files accross, same problem is still happening.