Slow access using MAC but instant access using windows

Hi there!, as the title said, I’m experiencing this odd behavior. I can almost get instant access to my WDCloud disk using windows 10, but using maxOS Mojave or laters version it is taking more than 45 seconds to show me the folders on the disk or even to ask me for a user and password to check the level of permission that I have to read the files. Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

@DiegoAdum More information about each computer would help. How much RAM does each have? What type of processor does each have and at what speed? How are each connected to the My Cloud, by wi-fi or cable? If by wi-fi what type adapter and info on it? Are they both the same distance from your router?

Both my Laptop and Desktop operate different. The laptops wi-fi adapter is not near as nice as what I have in my Desktop, also it is not GB. It is located in my bedroom or often used in the Living Room or Kitchen. Laptop has 16 GB of RAM, Desktop has 32 GB. Processors are also a little different.