Slow access in MyCloud for Android

Recently I have been having problems accessing MyCloud folders via my Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9 Android phones. Only the last month or so. When I open the MyCloud App, it shows up and shows my folders, but when I try to open a folder, i get a dialog box saying that folder is not available. The dialog box may show up multiple times, but at least every time I try to access a folder. If I close all the dialog boxes, sit the phone down, and wait 5 minutes or so, then try to access the folders, they are immediately available, just like always. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Been using MyCloud on Samsung Android phones since I bought it, when it first came out, never had a problem like this.

Did you check after the reinstall of updated version of My Cloud Mobile app from Playstore?

Did not do a reinstall, but had an interesting experience today. Home is Denver, where I was when I reported the problem. We are in Houston today, visiting friends. When I opened the MyCloud app on my phone here, it opened right up, no problem. I will check again when I get back home next week, and if it gives problems, I will get back to you.