Slingplayer freezes


Having some problems with Slingplayer video freezing.

Checking slingbox via web player shows the WD TV LIve isn´t connected any more.

Hard re-start of both WD TV Live and Slingbox Pro HD didn´t help.

Slingbox on 10Mbit upload and WD TV LIve on 40Mbit download.

Pressing Home and re-starting Slingplayer works but freezes again within 5 min

Any ideas? …

Thnx in advance! /Dibblah

What’s the firmware version for the WD TV Live?

latest availible on autoupdate 

been having some Unknown Error resulting in crashes too, and searching the forum it seems some external harddrives can result in that …

it´s a 2.5" usb powered drive, could too high power requirement for the usb port be the cause of both problems?

Dibblah wrote:


it´s a 2.5" usb powered drive, could too high power requirement for the usb port be the cause of both problems?

Not as far as I know.

Have you contacted support about this?

disconnected the external hdd, slingplayer still freezes after 1-15min

will mail support now

Make sure to come back and post the resolution.

yep! so far only the auto “New case created”

We will make sure someone contacts you as soon as possible.

thanks! :slight_smile:

Status right now: (as mailed to the WD representative who is helping me)

"My WD TV Live within the hour gets disconnected from my Pro HD.

Last night with an “Lost Connection Code 27” message, night after that a Code 25 error message

It´s not a port forwarding problem since my Pro HD is connected directly to my ISP, no router:


Public IP Address:85.227.219.XX

Home IP Address:85.227.219.XX

Network Port:5001_

The Pro HD is connected to a 10Mbit/s upload WAN connection and the WD TV on a 50Mbit/s download VDSL.

The web player on a PC works just fine, and so does on the same PC."

Alos posted on Sling’s forum, no answer yet

Did you find the solution? I’m having the same issue with the WD and my slingbox HD :frowning:

well not completly … but one thing that helped is that I moved the WD TV so it has nothing inbetween it and the router (wireless internet to WD TV)

they are in the same big room, but the WD TV seems to have abysmal wireless properties :slight_smile:

works better now, so if you can (and isn´t already) try using cabled internet for your WD TV 

Hello … just bought the WD TV live media player SPECIFICALLY for the slingplayer app… it has completely frozen up twice now and even after unplugging, will NOT let me reconnect to my Sling account… still says the device is in use by someone else (me)… The media player will NOT let go of my connection.  I do not have the admin password nor access to the slingbox to reboot it (I am overseas)…  Any ideas, suggestions?  If the player froze when using the std sling player on my PC, the connection would reset within 2 mins…

Any idea on how to open a ticket with WD? 

This is awful…

Any help would be great…



In order to open a Support ticket you can call support directly.

General Phone Support