Slingbox App on WDTV Live SMP - quick question

If my WDTV Live SMP is connected to a local TV (ie on the same home network) as the Slingbox HD, is the slingbox streaming locally to my WDTV Live?  (In the same way as it would do if I streamed from Slingbox to a local network laptop or PC).

In other words is my Internet connection only needed to connect to my SlingTV account.

I would assume so, but I wanted to double-check first.




I will say not, since the media player will connect to the slingbox server to stream the channels

If you want, you can test that turning your internet service off and you will see that you wont be able to stream anything.

People do actually report that it will stream over LAN and that it streams flawlessly as the connection is more stable over LAN as apposed to across the internet.  Viewing remotely across the internet is a different story with issues that are still a work in progress with regards to using a ‘connected device’ like wdtv.  Freezing of the stream is the main issue and issuing commands can increase this (remote viewing only).  If people report they use it on LAN with wdtv and you can use it likewise via pc then nit shouldn’t be a problem.

You might find more information on the sling support forums.

quote from a sling forum member

“People using the WD on the same LAN maybe don’t get this issue, so perhaps it’s still a viable option for them. I was only able to test the WD for about an hour on the same LAN as the Slingbox but it worked flawlessly.”


"It appears this issue is only remote.   Local connections do not present the freezing.  That makes me agree with the above post that it may be bandwidth conditions causing this. As maybe the devices are not handling the increased bandwidth properly. "

I watched 90 mins streamed locally last night and monitored my bandwidth use at the ISP; this confirmed that it does stream across the LAN when used locally and doesn’t use any internet bandwidth.

It did stream more or less flawlessly though I detected minor hiccups in the audio stream every 20-30 seconds whcih was a bit annoying.