Sling and WD TV Live Hub

Hello all, new to these parts. I have a Sling Box Pro-HD and a freshly updated WD Live hub. When I go to Sling app login I get 

“Please ensure your sling player has the latest firmware… etc”

I Have done the clearappdata, updated slingbox, reset slingbox, can view fine online. 

ANy ideas??? Thanks

Are you still having this issue?

When I try to connect to my sling box I am told to update my firmware, when I try do this I am told it is uptodate. It’s an old sling box , should it work and what firmware should I have installed?  I have vision 1.2.4

 Please help. 

It’s only compatible with Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro HD, AFAIK…

Thanks.  but now have to spend more money.